Dear Prof. Sobennikov

I hope spring is coming to you with warming weather and beautiful spring flowers.  It is cherry blossom season in Japan, and very beautiful now.

I am writing concerning some problems that are confronting us in moving forward with the congress.  I and other senior members had planned to attend in person, but because of the current international situation we are restricted from traveling to Russia. There is a consensus that we ask you to host ACPM as a virtual congress, with in person participation for the Russian members.  Will it be possible technically for you to host the virtual congress?   Some of us have attempted to register and send abstracts, but because of international banking restrictions, we are unable to use the SWIFT routing to your bank that you have put online.  I still plan to send you the contribution from ACPM, but the same problem applies.  I am not sure when or how we can get the contribution or fees to you.  We are hoping that this problem can be solved in the near future, but I am concerned that it will impact the number of abstracts submitted for presentation.  Our presenters for the special sessions should be able to do their presentations as planned, but virtually, again assuming that it is technically possible.

You have been very patient and have worked hard to make us welcome and to present a top quality congress.  I hope we are able to overcome the difficulties so that you can see the fruits of your efforts.


Chiharu Kubo

Dear Professor Chiharu Kubo!
Thank you for your letter, which helped me to resolve the doubts and difficulties that arose, taking into account the current situation. Obviously, the face-to-face congress will be impossible. It will also not be possible to fully finance it. Our authorized bank came under sanctions. But this should not disrupt our plans, we will hold the congress no matter what. I agree with you that the only possible option for organizing the congress can be a virtual congress, and we have already begun to prepare for it.
Please tell your colleagues that the collection of articles and abstracts is being formed, which will be published online. Authors are not required to pay. We can also organize the publication of some articles in the journal, but this requires payment (as indicated on the site), this is a requirement not of the organizers of the congress, but of the editors of the journal, how to do this will be presented on the site.
To form the program of the congress, its sections, we ask colleagues to send topics of reports. We will try to determine a convenient time frame for meetings, taking into account time zones.
We look to the future with optimism and hope that the next congress will be organized as usual and we will have the opportunity to meet in person.
Now is a responsible time for the organizers, we are always in touch and will answer all your questions.
Сonvey best wishes to Professor Hiroshi Ishizu and to all our colleagues.

With best wishes!

Prof. Sobennikov Vasilii