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Participation with the publication of an abstract - $100 participation with the publication of an article - $250 Listener participation - for free

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Beneficiary bank - SWIFT:  PRMSRUMMNSB PJSC "Promsvyazbank", Siberian Branch, Russia

Beneficiary customer - IROSP
Beneficiary's account - 40703840404000000018
Please provide your first and last name when paying!

Unfortunately, due to the difficult situation in the world, We cannot accept Your payments in the SWIFT system, We hope for Your understanding and We believe that the difficulties will be overcome

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Наименование банка


БИК   045004816

Корреспондентский счёт 301 01 810 5 0000 0000816

Счёт получателя 407 03 840 4 0400 0000018

Наименование клиента  ИРО ОО "РОП"

ИНН  3811127934

КПП 381101001

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