Oral report. An application for an oral presentation is submitted along with the abstract. Availability abstracts of the report are required. The duration of the message is 15 minutes. Demonstration material for reports is recommended to be prepared in the program PowerPoint, size 16×9. Applications for reports are accepted until April 30, 2022.

Symposium. The presence of an application for the symposium is required. The application specifies name of the symposium, chairmen, speakers, topics of reports, and contact information in accordance with the form in the personal account of the portal.

The principle of the symposium formation: duration 2 hours, format - mini-lectures (15 min), 6-7 reports in the symposium; sections of each symposium: epidemiology, fundamental aspects of the problem, diagnostic achievements and difficulties, therapeutic aspects, rehabilitation; geography of participants: participants - members of ACPM and leading scientists and specialists, "opinion leaders".

Applications for symposiums are accepted until June 22, 2022. The selection of symposiums and oral presentations will be based on a blind examination by three independent experts. Review results for symposia will be brought to the attention of the contact person at his email address mail no later than June 22, 2022, according to reports - no later than June 22, 2022.

THESES Abstracts can be submitted until April 30, 2022. Works that have received a positive review from independent experts. The results of the review will be communicated contact person at his email address no later than May 31, 2022. The authors of the most interesting abstracts will be invited to submit their results. their work in the form of a scientific article. Abstracts will be published by an independent online publication.  Abstracts should not exceed 250 words



The articles will be published in Acta Biomedica ( It is peer-reviewed open access journal with print and on-line publication, included in the international databases as Scopus and Russian Science Citation Index on the Web of Science platform. Every article will be assigned with a DOI. The publication fee is $200. The articles must be sent to the editorial office no later than July 18, 2022 The articles are issued according to the requirements of the (

In addition, when submitting your application, you must send a brief information about yourself (place of work, scientific position and title) and a photo in JPG format to our mail